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Nursing at Castleton in Lyndonville

  1. 0 Is anybody here enrolled at Castleton for Nursing or did anybody graduate from or know of anybody who graduated from this school?
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    I graduated from the Castleton Program, via Lyndonville in 2005. I got a lot out of it, feel more prepared than other graduates, but it was a hard program! Do you have a particular question?
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    I guess I am just waiting for my admissions decision and I am nervous. Just wondering if you might have any specifics about your admissions decision or somebody else's that you might want to share. For example, I am doing A&P 1 now online, I plan on taking a&p 2 online this summer to have it for fall. Also, I have taken nutrition and english comp, I have a 4.0 grade average for both classes. However, in the past when I was completing other college courses, (they were for accounting though) my grades were C's.

    I am an older student, I am 28 with 2 kids, so I was curious, do they pick an older student over younger students, males versus females , etc.?