1. 0 I am an LNA and have been working at a nursing home for just over a month and some things concern me. We have over 40 residents, some of them are self sufficient most are not, and many nights 3-11, I am the only LNA on with the Med passer, and it is way too much. I told my boss that there is no way possible that 1 Lna cannot provide the care that these residents require. Most nights it is 2 LNA's with the Med passer and you just barely get things done. Is there a law stating how many LNA's are needed depending on the amount of residents to care for? Also, there seems to be a lot of "borrowing" from one resident to use on another resident. This seems so unfair and wrong to me. I would appreciate any input. Thanks
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    I think I would check with the Vermont BON to see if that is the norm.... I don't know myself what the ratios should be but that sounds really difficult! I would just make sure that YOU don't rush, do the best you can for your patients...
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