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Is Fletcher Allen hiring?

  1. 0 I had a phone interview with them weeks ago, it was a "preliminary" interview just to see if I would make it into their pool of new grad candidates. It went well and I got the good email saying "we will contact you when position(s?) become available".

    I haven't heard anything since then. I followed up with a thank you card to the nurse recruiter.

    So, is Fletcher Allen hiring? Does anyone know how long it may take? Thanks!
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    My floor just hired 4 new grads and I know we're going to hire more nurses.

    The process can take a while, especially if you went to school elsewhere. Those who have done clinicals and externships there seem to have priority. It's competitive, but positions do open up. I had my phone interview in may, interviewed with my nurse manager in September and started the job in December. I had 6 months of LTC experience as did the nurse I was hired with. So a little bit of non-hospital experience will help you a lot.

    Good luck!