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  1. Does anyone know how and why the union came about, and does the hospital treat its nurses well?
    Is it a good place to go for a teaching environment?
    Thanks for any feedback,
    Think of moving there,
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    All that I know is word of mouth, but they pay really, really well. They'll hire you on as a "travelling nurse" and pay big dollars. The only person I know working there is very young and doesn't mind working a lot of hours, so I don't know if he has to or wants to.

    FA is known as a very good facility, and is the hospital of choice in this area.

    Burlington is a neat town, BTW.

    There are a lot of complaints on this side of Lake Champlain from CVPH in Plattsburgh that they're stealing our nurses. Well, perhaps they are, but they pay a lot better.

    Check out the Plattsburgh Press-Republican.