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Women's Health in UT

  1. 0 I'm not sure if I should post this in OB/GYN Nursing or here, but here goes. I am a male planning to move to the Provo area with long-term sights on advanced practice in womens health, and would like to know your collective experiences in dealing with male RN's in L&D if at all? I precepted in L&D in school, and loved every minute of it, and the patient response was surprisingly positive. What is the job market like? Thank you for any info in advance!
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    I see occasional opening for L&D nurses in this area of Utah. I know there are some units that hire female staff only. I've also heard there are some male nurses. I think it would depend on your level of professionalism in a potentially sensitive area like that unit. Go for it. Apply and see what happens.
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    I currently work in Women services and there are no male nurses on our floor (with the exception of the NICU). When I've spoken with my unit manager about it, I think it was more of a matter of lack of interest from male candidates than the actual act of not hiring male candidates. I agree, apply and see what happens. But, when our awesome guys from NICU float to our unit to assist us, I've never heard any negative feedback.