What's the best place to work as an LPN in UTah COunty?

  1. HI everyone,
    I am starting second semester this spring, after which I am thinking of taking the NCLEX-LPN test and working while I finish my last two semesters for my RN.
    To make a long story short, what would be the best place to work that hires LPNs in Utah County?
    I have been told IHC (like Utah Valley) don't hire LPN's anymore, is that true?
    Is Timp, Orm cmnty, or Mtn View any good?
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  3. by   tmulder
    I would recommend working at Trinity Mission. It is a nursing home but it is very clean and they pay really well. I worked there until I got my RN because hospitals don't pay LPN's hardly anything.........AND..........you will learn so many different meds that will most likely be on your NCLEX-RN. I didn't think that I would love my job there but I cried when I left. The people are great and it was, in my opinion, a fabulous learning experience.

    Just my opinion!