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Utah Student Nurse Externships

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I am currently attending nursing school in Oklahoma earning my BSN. Right now I am in my first semester. I will be living in American Fork next summer and am wondering if anyone has any advice for a student nurse externship program somewhere in that area. I will be moving there permanently after graduation in May 2011, and would really like to make contacts and get some great experience. Thanks for all of your help!
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    No replies? This is probably not a good sign. I have checked all the SLC hospital web sites and haven't seen any programs specifically for nursing students but I had hoped that someone in Utah might have some better info. My husband is in law school and has already accepted a summer internship in Utah and I would really like to spend the summer getting some experience in a hospital. There are lots of summer programs for students here in Oklahoma. I really don't want to spend the summer in a different state from my husband (we have been married for only a few months), but at the same time I am confident I could get an externship here. Any advice?
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    Thank you for your advice! This thread is really helpful!