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Relocation to Utah

  1. 0 Would anyone know of any good Utah recruiters or agencys (hospital and non-hospital) that I could contact to learn more about moving to Utah? I graduate next year, and it is early to apply for jobs, but would want to begin to be in touch with potential hospitals.

    Thank you
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    You can search online for jobs at the University of Utah, Intermountain Health Care, Iasis Health Care, Mountainstar Health Care, or the Veterans Administration. There are numerous jobs.
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    I would suggest looking at Intermountain Health Care. They are the dominating hospital system here in Utah and are a great company to work for. If you are looking at a nursing position they are on the highest end of the payscale here in the valley. They are the only hospital organization that has recieved Magnet status here in Utah and are planning on increasing nursing wages by 20% in 2007. Starting pay for a new RN is currently 18.50 an hour so not the highest but great for SLC. Good luck!!!!!
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    Call Legacy Staffing they are awesome..(801)553-9365

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