relocating from AZ to UT

  1. Hi,
    I am currently in Arizona, and have been working in Tele for the past year. I graduated with a BSN from Arizona St in Dec 2012. I plan on applying for the Y's NP program next Spring, and will be moving to the Provo area sometime in the next 4-5mos. I would like to know what options there are in terms of good hospitals/companies to work for? I appreciate any info. thanks!
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  3. by   ICUman
    The hospitals in your are are Timpanogos, mountain star, and a handful of Intermountain healthcare hospitals.
    The biggest hospital in Utah County (Provo) is Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. It is just shy of 400 beds. Trauma 2 center. They often have jobs available, you can check it out online.
    If you have trouble finding a job, there are larger hospitals 30-40 minutes north, in salt lake county. You could ride the front runner train, to Intermountain medical center or the University of Utah hospital for discounted rates to hospital employees. Another note: be prepared for a possible wage cut. With a year if experience you can probably expect to make $22-26 ish an hour in this area. Let me know if you have any questions.