Nevada CNA license transfering to Utah

  1. I tried to find it myself but can't. I was wondering if anyone knows if Nevada and Utah have reprosity. That is probably not how it is spelled but where my education and experience in Nevada will be good enough to get a job in Utah by just doing the paperwork and fingerprints and not have to redo the class or test.

    If not does anyone know where I could take the class again pretty fast and cheap in the Vernal area.

    Also I want to continue going to school to be an RN could anyone recommend a good nursing school in the Vernal area.

    Thank you all for your time and help,
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  3. by   ehan31
    The Utah CNA registry has this link with FAQs I think will answer your question. You can contact them or the Utah DOPL as well for further questions.

    What type of nursing program are you looking for?