Mountainland Applied Technology College

  1. Does anyone know anything about Mountainland Applied Technology College? Someone was telling me that it's a good way to get your LPN. I looked at their site, and if I understand correctly, it appears that the entire 2 semester program costs $1,700. Do their classes transfer over to other universities, and do employers recognize Mountainland as a reputable institution. I've heard pretty bad things about career colleges such as Ameritech and Eaglegate, to name a few, so I am wondering if this place is different. The tuition alone tells me that these guys probably operate on a different level than some of the other career colleges. Any knowlege about Mountainland or suggestions would be appreciated.
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  3. by   tfleuter
    I don't know much about the MATC LPN program, but I do know that (at least 2 years ago) each semester UVU allows 5 students graduating from their program to enter into their BSN program as a 3rd semester student. I was considering that route if I did not get in directly. My thinking was better to compete with 20 students for 5 spots than 300+ for 40-60.