Jobless new grad RN in Utah

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for finding a new grad nursing job in the greater salt lake area? I have had my license for over 2 months and have been applying to every posting, with no luck. Advice please???!!
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  3. by   Yuppers21
    No real special advice that I'm sure you haven't heard before Keep applying to anything and everything and possible visit HR in person with your resume to see if they have any ideas for you.

    Apply everywhere, not just hospitals. I graduated this last April and only those who had jobs as techs and CNAs found jobs right away on their own floors or hospital systems.

    Actually, those who had no hospital or cna experience prior to graduation have been able to find jobs through Mollen Immunization Clinics giving flus shots at places like Walmart and other grocery stores. May be worth looking into, though I hear the pay isn't the greatest and I can't imagine it gives you very valuable experience on your resume, but better than nothing I'm sure!