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Incentive pay survey

  1. 0 I am wondering the incentive pay rates for different nursing facilities throughout Utah. I'll start.
    Lakeview Hospital
    $15/hr for (most) extra shifts.
    Of course, time and a half for hrs over 40 hrs.
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    I am not in the health care profession, but my wife is starting her last semester of nursing school. By incentive pay, do you mean working extra shifts? Is that $15/hr added to your current pay per hour?
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    Yes, that's in addition to regular wages. The hospital saves money by not using agency nurses.
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    Five hundred views and no responses

    Maybe no one else pays incentive?
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    Update for Lakeview:

    Incentive pay reduced to $12 for RN's.

    Shift diff increased.:wink2:

    Anyone else have incentive? Anyone heard of incentive?