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  1. Hi Are there any nurses in Utah that have ventured out into the holistic and alternative options. I am interested in this field and starting up a consultation business. Presently I am a travel nurse working in the ICUs and am based in Logan Utah. I would like to stay home more and teach prevention education on supplements and alternatives. And alternative career options for nurses.
    Do you think there is any interest in Utah?
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  3. by   lurkerx
    Hi Yves,

    I'm from the philippines. I really don't know with regards to Utah. But if you want additional info regarding alternative medicines and holistic approach, you might want to check a website here in the philippines, it is www.biovitaleph.com. There is an ask doc V portion were you can ask medical questions. Bye for now.
  4. by   kjjkoco
    Yves, I see that your post was from 2004 but wanted to check and see if you got the business up and running. I am interested in nursing of this nature, am an RN and know floor nursing is not for me, altho I am currently planning on taking a few travel assignments to get a little ahead. In the meantime, I am planning on exploring other avenues that I have more interest in. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!