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cna medication distribution

  1. 0 I'm a Cna in Utah and work in an assisted living facility. My superiors have asked me to measure and distribute morphine amongst other drugs and I'm pretty sure this is not a Cna's job. Having trouble finding anything in regards to this in print. Any one know the laws about this?
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    Best way to make 100% sure is to contact the Board of Nursing in State that you work in to see what you can and cannot do.
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    CNA's can't distribute meds in UT and it isn't right for your coworkers to ask. Not only on your part could it be bad but if anything were to happen it could cost them their jobs. Scope of practice should not be something smoothed over. I know, I worked in a long term facility as a CNA also, and it was often asked of me too. I would just say that I didn't feel comfortable and/or it was out of my scope. now that I am an LPN I wouldn't dream of asking someone else to pour and give my meds. ESPECIALLY narcotics. I wouldn't jeopradize my hard work and lisence for a few minutes of laziness.
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    Check the BON AND the laws concerning AL facilities.

    In my state the BON has no jurisdiction over AL facilities. They are under the Dept of Social Services and the rules are very different.

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