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Base pay IHC?

  1. 0 I was just curious if anybody works for an IHC hospital, particularly UVRMC. If you do, do you know their base pay for L&D? Is there a shift dif. for nights or weekends? I'm an RN and applying for a position there. Thanks for any information!!!
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    Whenever I have searched jobs on the IHC job board, the base pay has always been posted. Last time I checked the starting pay was $21.40 for all facilities. I suspect there are shift differentials, but I'm not sure what they are there. You could call HR to get those.
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    Thanks. I actually have been looking for a job with IHC for a couple months now and there has never been pay posted. I also called their HR and they told me they can't give that information over the phone and I would have to talk to who I was applying through. Frustrating, I know. I will just wait and see I guess.