About IHC and Iasis?

  1. 0 I have been offerred two jobs, One at Intermountain Medical center in the Thoracic ICU, and One at Pioneer Valley Hospital in there ICU as a supervisor, Has anyone worked at either I would like to know more about either, I have family out there, I have worked at Barnes in St.Louis as there er and Sicu Supervisor, I would just like to know more about either, the offer at IHC sounds awesome and it is a new hospital, just wanted to know more. Thanks
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    Go for thoracic ICU!! I work at Intermountain Medical Center in the heart & lung building just one floor up from thoracic, so I may be slightly partial! Its a gorgeous floor with brand new state-of-the-art everything, and being a level I trauma hospital, you will see the most critical of patients. You will be dealing with heart and lung transplants, LVADs (I'm sure they told you this already).
    So, anyway I say definitely go for thoracic!
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    Thanks Krazy! Ive accepted the position in thoracic. So maybe Ill see you!

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