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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the... Read More

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    I applied to Baylor Fastbacc as well. Yes, I have Patho and Pharm left for UTA and 2 religion courses for Baylor. I do work, but I've been cramming courses in since Jan 2011. I took 4 science classes in the Spring and I'm taking Micro at UTA now.
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    Hey..I'm in Micro now too! How are you doing?

    If it were me personally, I would go ahead and take all 4 classes just to be safe. Since your already used to fast paced classes you will be fine. Patho is not really that bad...just a lot of reading and information. I haven't taken Pharm yet...(August), but have heard that's a lot of work class. Religions shouldn't be that bad...I took mine at a community college though but still would think you will do great!

    Good luck!
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    Dear all,
    I am applying for the traditional program and wondering the "partnered" thing.
    Could anyone tell me more about the traditional program at UTA? I read the information above and some of you indicated 1200 applications (I was shocked by this number). How many of these applications are for the traditional program only?
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    Quote from corinda

    I have a question for you. I'm applying to 2 ABSN programs and I need 2 more classes for each program. How would you choose which to focus on? It seems that my chances of getting in UTA are slim to none (but there is still a chance since I did apply). My chances of getting into the other program is a little higher due to the number of applicants. So, I'm leaning towards the program with the higher odds. I also have the option of taking all 4 classes this Fall, but will be overloaded....thus the reason to choose.

    What would you do?

    I would be crushed if I by chance was accepted into the AP BSN but lacked those last 2 prerequisites!!!
    I don't think I would take Pharm and Patho together along with two other courses at the same time unless your not working. Patho and Pharm are both 12 week courses and if you have all of your sciences down you can apply to UTA without having completed those two. You will have to be done prior to starting the program but you will have time to do so after January. I was going to apply to Baylor but I just got tired of taking all these pre reqs. I am leaning towards UTA and TWU weekend program. Like you said UTA is a long shot. I have been applying to partner hospitals for months and only get letters telling me I'm not qualified to work. As for Baylor I don't know if you have to take all the prereqs before applying to the program..at any rate good luck with your courses.
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    And do they inform you if you made a mistake on an application itself such as forgotten to check mark something prior to sending letters out? Although most of us probably checked a millions times, so I supposed I am just being paranoid.

    I have been taking Chem 1411 and this class is a killer. Never have and Never will like chemistry... lol

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    Hi just like to know how the class go and what is the best way to study for microbiology? This will really help me out alot. I am planning on taking it this fall.
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    Hey everyone! I will be applying to UTA for the Sep 2012 start date. I just got a job with THR. I was wondering if anyone else worked there? I know this is huge and will greatly help me when I apply.
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    @Lyra17..congrats on the job! What are you going to be doing? Can you tell me a little about THR's policy regarding the program...
    I've read on other threads that you must sign a contract...is that correct?
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    Quote from tejas03
    @Lyra17..congrats on the job! What are you going to be doing? Can you tell me a little about THR's policy regarding the program...
    I've read on other threads that you must sign a contract...is that correct?
    Anyone can apply to the Academic Partnership with UTA. There is no contract. However if you decide to pursue the ADN with el Centro through the hospital, then you do have a contract to sign. I work at the hospital and have applied to the online program for Spring 2012.
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    I'm glad someone else was able to comment on the contract thing because I don't know. I have heard that before but it really did not matter to me when applying anyway.
    I am PRN in admissions. It's a good place for me to be right now. Now I just look forward to applying to UTA in Jan!
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    @PUREMT & @Lyra17...thanks for the responding. I was wondering how that worked. Good luck to you both!
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    Congrats on the job @Lyra17, I really am trying to get into one of the partner hospitals as well. Did you have experience?
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    Well.. I had worked at a birth center doing births and office work. But anyone that knows how to use a computer and has good people skills could do this job.

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