UT Arlington Online Accelerated (2nd Degree) AP BSN Fall 2013 Entry

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    Hi Everybody,
    I read about the UT Arlington Online Accelerated (2nd Degree) Academic Partnership BSN program. Since this program is100% online (including prerequisite),I am very much interested. I will be applying for the fall, 2013 entry. I'm very much interested to hear from those who are already in the program and also perspective applicants like me. In particular, I am interested to know if employment with a partner healthcare provider is a prerequisite to be admitted into the program. Anyone applying to this program for the fall, 2013 entry?

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    I'm bumping this in hopes of seeing someone respond. Do you have a direct link to the website? I see on their site, the 15th month BSN program. Is that the one you are referencing?
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    I am also interested in starting the programme this fall. can we all be study bodies. How can we get together.
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