NURS 4325 Nursing research UTA online group 2/25/13 - page 6

Had a great group with my hollistic health assessment and thought I would see if there are anymore nurses starting nursing research 2/25?... Read More

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    Where did you go to access this chat. I searched like crazy to find it.

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    Quote from jadiva
    Where did you go to access this chat. I searched like crazy to find it.
    Sent you the template
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    Quote from TxMonci
    No I didn't even know it was a live chat I thought it was just send them messages starting at 1000. Thanks for that!
    It was awesome and a stress reliever!
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    Quote from Neonursej
    Sent you the template
    Go to the announcements and go all of the way to the bottom and there is a link for you to listen to the video.
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    Quote from jadiva
    Where did you go to access this chat. I searched like crazy to find it.
    Go all of the way to the bottom of the announcements and look for the link to click for the online office hours. If you can, listen on Wednesdays at 10:00 am, it was awesome!
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    Quote from TxMonci
    LoL I know right our Q&A isn't being answered either. Did you make sure you're not counting the teachers in as part of your group?
    SO glad this is the last class I don't even care if I lose my high GPA I just want that BSN behind my name at this point!
    I asked my coach about all 10 of us and that is when she said not to count them, so there are 6 of us.
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    Quote from luna_rn
    I agree. So far I feel like only one classmate has read anything I have worked on. Yesterday afternoon, after the two of us essentially divided the work amongst each other as no one else was responding another classmate responded and without looking at what was posted delegated assignments.
    E-mailed you the template, did you get it?
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    I just listened to the chat session....more confused than before about the color coded answers..
    However this chat helps with the week 1 assignments... you can find it under announcement----> welcome to nursing research and at the bottom you will find a link that takes you to the chat.

    Hope this help somebody out there.
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    Thank you for the suggestion! The OOH chat was very helpful, I really appreciate how the professor provided many hints to guide us in the assignment. I hope this continues in the next ones
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    I think my group is down to 4 people.

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