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Length of program?

  1. 0 I see everybody talking about the 13 month program. When I applied and spoke with the counselor, I was told 13 months also.....if you have all your gen ed classes done. My questions is....is it really 13 months by taking 1 class every 5 weeks, or do you have to double them up? I see a lot of ppl talking about doubling up on the classes.
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    I think it would be very close to that if you had all your pre-req's and core classes. I had a ASN and a Bachelors of Business. I only needed 2 core classes plus the ten nursing classes. I will be finished in Aug. I started in October and didn't double up my classes until January and my last class I'm taking by itself.

    2 nursing classes at a time in this program isn't too bad at all.
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    Ok so it only took you 10 months? That is great!
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    Quote from vizzle
    Ok so it only took you 10 months? That is great!
    Hopefully. I suggest not taking Vulnerable populations and research at the same time!!! whew this term is about to kill me!!!
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    Good luck! Glad to hear it's even faster if you want it to be.