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  1. 0 HI! I'm looking to begin traveling assignments and taking my family along. Can anyone give me a heads up to the most family-friendly travel companies? We'd like to do Hawaii next winter (2001) and I'd greatly appreciate some input from those of you who are experienced in this. Thanks
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    Hi All,

    Me too. Anyone have any ideas/ info on this?
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    I will start by saying that I have never been on assignment in Hawaii and I do not travel with a family:

    Hawaii, typically, does not pay very well. Most companies do shared housing, so if you went with a family, I think that there would be difficulties. Housing is very expensive/sparse there for short term. One option would be to contract with a hospital directly. I have found payrates quoted (for Hawaii, between $24 - 29/hr.

    Just noticed that the original post was in 2001. Wonder if she ever went. I will stop with my response now.
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    Hi All,

    Thank you for your prompt reply, it has promoted some thought. I've already contacted the moderator about old threads, but prefer to refresh the thread than starting a new one.

    Thanks again.