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I have accepted an assignment to RLS Hospital in the US Virgin Islands with Professional Nursing Services. I leave January 5th and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on car rentals, perhaps share your experiences in... Read More

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    Please resend the msg you sent to me on this site. Seems your email is incorrect. Thanks.

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    Please let us know how your assignment has been! I'm hoping to be there end of May or first part of June.

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    has anyone worked on the post partum/antepartum unit here? what can you tell me about it, good/bad/indifferent? thanks
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    Any inquiry Re St Thomas will garner a lot of replies because of the large number of travelers that have historically staffed that site. There is actually a school of Nursing at UVI, but those few grads usually promptly go to Miami or New York.
    I was in the ER a few years ago, before Hugo, and did enjoy it quite a bit. Scuba diving every day, low stress, and a third world manana attitude that I personally don't mind. That said, some ICU nurses, who are generally a bit more tightly wound than ER folks, really had a hard time with the daily mindset there. For example, when we brought them a patient that needed telemetry, they might have to pull a set of cables off one patient to give to the new one. Not enough to go around.
    In the ER, we would pass a hat around to go across the field in front of the hospital to go in a pharmacy and buy a big bottle of Tylenol for patient use. Sometimes the doc had only two or three antibiotics to choose from. At times there were only 24 guage or 18 guage angiocaths to select from. There was a lot of make-it-work there.
    That said, it is quite an experience. Hardly third world - I was in the Peace Corps and have been in dozens of true third world "hospitals". But speaking of third world, if I'm not mistaken, Roy Schneider was Dr Roy Schneider, a neurologist while I was there, who got himself elected governor, and then named the hospital after himself.
    RLS may not be the first hospital you should ever work in, but with an open mind and some cross-cultural experience, it may be one of the most rememberable ones. There were nurses there that had been extending for years.
    Get a car from a local for 500 bucks, then sell it to someone else for 500 bucks. Don't even think about a motorcycle or bike; the cabbies will make short work of you. Have license in hand - you do not want to deal with this BON in person. We had a nurse from Scotland who sat around for weeks waiting for hers - reference manana attitude.
    St Thomas was a great gig - I would go back, because it is so different. Where else can you finish your night shift, and go open the bars with your coworkers to greet the dawn? Thats good stuff.
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    I am trying to get to St Thomas. I have completed all my paper work, license is there waiting for me, Trustaff is ready to send me - but I am still waiting on the hospital to call for the interview - any advice? Trustaff also submitted me to Gulf Port just in case - has anyone worked at the Garden Park Hospital? If so where do people stay while they are on assignment?

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    Sounds like a question for your recruiter at Trustaff? Trustaff has a liason at the hospital, so somebody should be able to tell you something? I called HR myself regarding a position and the nurse recruiter got back to me the same day? How long have you been waiting???
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    About 2 weeks. My recruiter said not to call the hospital. My recruiter wanted me to start today - now he had to push it back to 4/18 - my bags are packed just waiting. My recruiter has not heard back from the liasion
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    You don't have a start date nor a job until the interview no matter what the recruiter "wants". Might need to start looking with another company. That's just my opinion though. How long can you go without working? Have you bought your ticket to the island? May luck be with you.

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    I agree with Rod. Until you personally speak with the manager and have offer and contract in hand, you are no closer to St. Thomas than I am. If the recruiter doesn't want you calling, is he/she calling on your behalf?

    PM me..
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    Please do not just show up at this hospital in particular, or any assignment in general, without a contact person whom you have already talked with. Get their number during this conversation, and possibly call back a few days later to confirm.
    If you do end up going, have fun. The V.I. is all about good times. Get down island!


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