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I have accepted an assignment to RLS Hospital in the US Virgin Islands with Professional Nursing Services. I leave January 5th and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on car rentals, perhaps share your experiences in... Read More

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    i'm here now in st thomas. i love it. and am staying at bolongo bay area. it's great! do you think you'll come back to st thomas?

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    Welcome to the forum. Would enjoy reading about your experiences in St Thomas as a travelling RN. You told us a little....with husband, dogs, maybe? you loved the Bolongo Bay area, pretty there? How was the commute to hospital? Did you both work as RNs?
    St Thomas intrigues me as a travel location. One of the travel companies advertises positions in the Virgin Islands in OR periodicals especially. Maybe worldwidetravelstaffing? What company did you use?
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    My husband and I both worked down there. I will write longer later but a few must do's while your there 1. St. John, hiking and beaching-it's unspoiled paradise, it's free and only a 10 min ferry ride away, I would reccommend taking your car. 2. The Baths at Virgin Gorda-Spectacular is the only way to describe them, we rented a speed boat and spent the day there with 5 other travel nurses. 3. Full moon parties on Tortolla at the bomba shack. Every night of the full moon they throw a huge party on the beach-awesome! 4. If you're there over New Years you have to go the the New Years Eve party at Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke. It's a 2 day affair but we just went New Years eve night, plan on sleeping on the beach! It was a blast. 5. If you scuba dive I rec. Admiralty Dive Shop. If you don't there is no better place to start.
    My husband and I were tossing around the idea of going back but have decided we have too many responsibilities here I will write later after I have went through my journal and give the best places to eat and shop. There are a ton. Also a word of advice if you're thinking about going, the hospital is horrible, the locals do not like the travelers and things don't get done when and how they should down there. I cried after work every night for a week. You have to adapt to the attitude of the locals, "oh well, it'll happen when it happens, if it happens". However I do believe it is worth it. Just remember that is how you are able to be down there, your working 3 days a week to live 7 days a week in paradise!
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    By the way we went with Prof. Nursing Services and they did awesome, even changing our housing the first week b/c it was horrible. If we went again we would live nowhere but Bolongo Bay. Two restaraunts on site (Mim's and Iggies), beach, 3 pools, gated community, great views. It's far enough away from the city to be totally peaceful but only about a 10 min commute to the hospital. They also have laundry on site if your condo doesn't have w/d hookups. A rental car is a must but should be paid for by your travel company. Learning how to drive on the left is a blast! Let me know if you have any other ?'s.
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    Lisa, Thanks for your response. I would like to hear more about the hospital, the commute and your travel company. I've not heard of the one you mentioned (Prof nursing services) - there are so many. How did you choose this one? I have looked at the website, but there's no feedback about this company on another forum I read, Highway Hypodermics. But I would love to hear about your contract with them.
    I've been to all the places you mention - we are sailors and have been to the islands - I would like to work there AND enjoy a sailing lifestyle.
    I know impressions can be different from one nurse to the next - but last year there were several favorable posts about working at Schieder (?) hospital, and that the travelers were wello-received and patients loved them.
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    Lisa, your message is a saving grace I'm leaving in 3 weeks for St Thomas-traveling with Cross Country living on Bolongo Bay (regatta point villas). I have so many questions that hopefully you can answer. I'll be working in the NICU at RLS and would love some feedback about the hospital/nurses. Thanks in advance Keri
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    i work for cross country and live in the regatta/bolongo/sea cliff complex in st thomas.
    it's nice.
    the work is different
    but if you are open minded and flexible you'll be fine.
    hope to meet you in 3 weeks

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    Thanks Amy! Look foward to meeting you!
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    Does anyone know of a company who offers positions in the PICU in the Virgin Islands?
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    as far as i know there is no picu in the virgin islands.
    we had three babies in the adult icu a few weeks ago.
    and yes, us adult icu nurses were caring for them.
    there is nicu and peds, but no picu.

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