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I have accepted an assignment to RLS Hospital in the US Virgin Islands with Professional Nursing Services. I leave January 5th and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on car rentals,... Read More

  1. by   kyldynurse
    My specialty is the Operating Room. I would just like to find a travel buddy to go there with me and enjoy the island life for a bit. I really have no preference of the travel buddy as long as they like to enjoy life...........little to no drama!
  2. by   PATravelRN
    Hi SBN116,I'm also headed down to STT for orientation on 4/16/12. If you'd like to chat beforehand send me a message
  3. by   PATravelRN
    Hi! Did you get your contract for the 16th? I'm going through Trustaff and will work in the OR. I'd love to exchange numbers or contact info with anyone going to be there during my assignment.
  4. by   mak02d
    Hi all! I was curious I am looking into doing an assigment at in the USVI, but can anyone tell me do they make you take any kind of competency test when you first get there? I have stayed away from several assignemnts that have the PBDS b/c I failed it once and was without work for a month (talk about feeling stupid ). Please let me know your experinces as far as this is concerned.

  5. by   nursinadream
    I remember a pretty basic drug and math dosage/calculation test when I was there in Aug 2010.
  6. by   sbn116 PATravelRN
  7. by   Stephchildress
    Hello everyone, I think this may be more of a recruiter question but I wanted to see if anyone could possibly answer this instead.

    I am a newer nurse, that being said, I have been a Cardiac ICU nurse for a year now. I have always wanted to become a travel nurse and take an assignment in St. Croix. There are multiple reasons as to why STX but I will get into that some other time.

    My question is:
    1. Does anyone know the amount of experience you have to have before traveling to the USVI and if there are any stipulations before you can get a job there?

    I am fully aware of the cultural diversity and resources/conditions that await. I would love to be able to get a contract as soon as possible. I have contacted trustaff but have not truly spoken with anyone. I am definitely open to suggestions as far as agencies if anyone would be so kind to share.

    I am new to this forum and look forward to any advice or information I can get!

    Thanks to all and hope to hear from you all soon!

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  8. by   AnnaB.RN
    I am considering doing a 13 week assignment in june in St. Croix. I have been talking to titan medical group and they are placing travelers there also. I am a NICU nurse and im trying to get all the info i can about this place. I have only 1 year of experience and my recruiter told me that 1 year was the min. and some required 2 years. They were offering 3 and 6 month contracts there. When are you trying to go down there? Please let me know if you find out anything else about it. Would love to hear from you!
  9. by   NurseMel12
    Hi all!

    I just want to start by saying 'thank you' to everyone that has added such helpful traveling tips on's greatly appreciated! I too plan to travel to St.Thomas with my husband in the near future (have not set up an assignment..yet) and would love to hear some reviews from nurses who have recently traveled. Does anyone have any NEW advice/news/direction to share as far as housing, hospital, pay, etc.? Also, any recommendations/reviews as far as good recruiters with Prof. Nursing Services?
    I know a lot of the posts are from a few years ago....

    Thanks again to anyone who can offer any tips!
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  10. by   nursinadream
    I was there Aug - Dec 2010. Worked in the OR. I have several posts with good info here on the forum and it is still accurate. I highly recommend PNS as an agency. I did not use them for St Thomas assignment in 2010 because Trustaff had an exclusive. I have used them since. Small company, very attentive, fair, and accurate. Important tip: Don't go there broke (or any assignment, really). You will make ends meet - not loose money, but probably won't get ahead. Husband is going? He could rent or buy an "island" car and offer his taxi services to travelers.
  11. by   tarzansjane
    Hi Anna!

    I am new to this forum. I have taken a 13week assignment in St. Croix thru Titan medical , starting May 14.
    This will be my first travel assignment, looking kinda forward to it! Been nursing 22years in alabama.
    Recently divorced after 22years and children are grown. i will be working on the pediatric unit if you have any info or if you decided to take contract let me know please. would like to hear from you !
  12. by   tarzansjane
    i am taking a travel assignment to st.croix , first travel assingment .

    any info on traveling and working in St.Croix would b greatly appreciated and very helpful.
  13. by   docteri
    Does anyone know which agencies will send you to the carribbean. I just spoke with one agency that offered hawaii at a low rate. What departments are offered, and what is the compensation?

    Other than experience, did you need and of the alphabet soup behind your name? CCNE, etc