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I have accepted an assignment to RLS Hospital in the US Virgin Islands with Professional Nursing Services. I leave January 5th and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on car rentals,... Read More

  1. by   aburlar
    larleo.... I traveled here with Cross Country TravCorps, TruStaff also sends people here.

    and if you travel here don't follow the last person's advice and spray for lizards, they are harmless cute little things that EAT MOSQUITOES!!!!

    Good luck.
  2. by   larleo

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Were you happy with Cross Country TravCorps? Did you research other companies before going with them? I was a little dissapointed w/pay quote from World Wide Travel Staffing, however, since this is my first travel job I am new to putting my whole package together with the housing, hourly rate, mileage, taxes, etc; It's still a little confusing to me. Thanks again!

    LOL, I won't worry about the lizards! Kinda like them, myself. And I've read about how bad the mosquitoes are, so the lizards get to stay!
  3. by   aburlar
    I was very happy with Cross Country. I did a little research before I traveled and I liked that they were prompt and organized. In my experience and listening to many other travel nurse's experience, the company does matter but what matters most is the recruiter. The company can offer the best benefits and pay, but if you don't have a recruiter that is on the ball, organized and returns your phone calls in a prompt manner then you can be up the creek without a paddle.

    St Thomas is not the best paying locale, no matter what company you go with. But what you lack in money you will make up for in fun and paradise. I wouldn't say that this is the best place to start traveling. The hospital here is, how should I say... difficult at best. But, all in all, the experience is good. I stayed as a traveler for a year in the ICU and now I'm teaching at the University here.

    Good luck.
  4. by   larleo
    How interesting, you are still there, and teaching! Sounds great!

    Yes, I've about figured out from research online that I will need to be flexible and patient to work there. And the pay is not the highest there. But I'm not looking to make a ton of money. As one recruiter told me, if I'm looking for a working vacation, this is the job to have. If I'm looking to have $6000 in my pocket when I leave, this is probably not the job for me. I understand, I just didn't want to settle for less or be taken advantage of, esp since I'm a newbie.

    Thanks again for all the info!
  5. by   krismc
    Hi!! I am new to this site. I just excepted a job in the ICU in St Thomas. I will be traveling there starting mid-April. I will be traveling with my husband. Any and all advice is welcome. We would like to know where you guys rented cars from and if you would recommend a specific place (did you need to arrange this before you were on the island?). What would you recommend bringing in terms of household items (how equipped are the condos in Sapphire Beach)? What'a the one thing you wish someone had told you before you left? Thanks. I hope you meet some of you when I get there!!!
  6. by   larleo

    I don't have any info to offer but will be watching this thread as I am attempting to begin a travel assignment
    in St Thomas soon.

    Which company did you go with and why?

  7. by   krismc
    I went with Professional Nursing. I liked the recruiter. She was very helpful. I have not done this before and she gave me personal attention. I hope I made the right decision. I talked with Cross Country and they didn't seem to have the personal touch. I am happy with my package . We will see how it plays out. So far so good.
  8. by   nursinadream
    Krismc, glad to hear that you have taken an assignment. I like others have been lurking on this board, thinking about travelling to the USVI. I am not familiar with Professional Nursing. Not too manh companies have travel opportunities in the Virgins. What will your husband do while he's there with you? Did you quit a "great" hospital job to begin travelling? I'm pretty happy right now, but there are some hosptial layoffs in my city now, so I'm a little unsure about leaving what is "safe".
    Good luck!
  9. by   larleo

    You are right about only a few companies having assignments in USVI. Professional and World Wide Travel Staffing are the only 2 I've talked to so far but Cross Country and Trustaff are next on my list. Who have you talked with, if any, and what are your thoughts about them?

    What does your husband do? Mine is an LVN but even if we didn't go there he isn't interested in nursing. After travelling he is going to culinary school so he is looking forward to working in the food industry in St Thomas. The exposure will be great experience for him.

    I don't know what area you are in but I'm in North Texas and there are no shortage of jobs here. I do have a great job, I think. ER in a small hospital w/good pay. My status is PRN but I've always worked full time hours w/overtime almost always available if I want it. When we move back to the states we will be in Northeast Texas and a few months ago I researched jobs there, again, with no shortage. I don't like changing jobs though. Too much paperwork and hoops to jump through. And now that I've talked with a couple of agencies, it's more so than I thought. But this will be my first travel assignment, so I'm just learning all about this.

    Good luck and maybe we'll see you there soon!
  10. by   larleo

    Would you email me at Would like to talk more about this. Thanks!
  11. by   larleo

    Just wondering about the insurance with the Professional Nursing. A recruiter told me I would receive a stipend per month for me to use toward whatever insurance I wanted, if any, but, the website says THEY provide insurance. Just noticed this today so haven't been able to call him back to clarify but wondered how it worked out for you. Thanks!
  12. by   larleo

    Please resend the msg you sent to me on this site. Seems your email is incorrect. Thanks.
  13. by   larleo

    Please let us know how your assignment has been! I'm hoping to be there end of May or first part of June.