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Switching between specialities.. need advice

  1. 0 Ok.. I would really like to begin traveling around mid-February and need some advice.

    I have 1.3 years of experience on a cardiology/telemetry/medical floor at a level-1 trauma/teaching facility and 8 months CVICU (postop heart) experience at a level-1 trauma center. I am BLS, ACLS, and TNCC certified. I also take CVVH at my current position.

    If I begin traveling in February, I will be just under the one year mark (11 months). I wouldn't mind traveling on a tele floor but I also wouldn't mind traveling in a general ICU or cardiac ICU but I'm not sure if I would have enough experience to be marketable yet in ICU.

    Also, if I got my first position on a tele floor-- would I be able to perhaps get my second position in an ICU?
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    If you are doing CVICU now, I would aim for at least ICU. Your skills are valuable, but given the limited extent of your experience, doing a tele assignment now before locking in a year or two of experience will make it harder to get an ICU assignment later.