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San Ramon Regional Medical Center, CA

  1. 0 I'm trying to find information San Ramon Regional Medical Center, in San Ramon, CA but can't even find how many beds they have in their ICU. I'm considering a contract but would like more details first. Does anyone have some? Thank you!
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    I don't have an answer to your question, but have a former coworker that raved about San Ramon being a great facility. What company are you working with if you don't mind sharing?
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    Thanks for the reponse, any positive feed back is still positive! I've since learned that it's a 12 bed ICU in a 123 bed hospital, so fairly small. I would be taking the contract with Total Med. And I don't mind you asking cause I'm very happy with my recruiter and love to pass on a referral any chance I get. Andrew Wuebben is his name.
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    Andrew "Andy" is the bomb... just wanted to throw that out there Great recruiter and awesome friend!