Please help me understand this scenario...can I be banned...

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    My recruiter just called me and told me that if I don't accept his first assignment for me and show up for work next week, that I will be blacklisted in the State where I am suppose to go and that I will never be able to work in corrections again!!! I NEVER signed anything and he said it was a verbal agreement. I told him that I could not make it there in his time frame because I don't have my requirements met ie physical etc. He said he could get me through without all that. He sent me an e-mail yesterday basically threatening me with being blacklisted if I didn't follow through on this assignment even though I hadn't even received the information packet etc yet!!! So, what do you suggest that I do? Take a horrible assignment that other agencies have told me they no longer deal with or hop in my car and drive 20 hours to work for this correctional facililty that I know is a very difficult place to work and other nurses have vowed never to return??? I feel horrible!! He offered me the position late one day and I declined early the next and now I am having to deal with him calling and e-mailing day after day...

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    So you never accepted the assignment ?? I would call his boss, the BBB, or whom ever I had to make a complaint re this guy/company.. I don't see how not accepting this assignment prevents you from working in the whole state, I can see the company or the facility but from what you wrote; why would you want to ??
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    I don't want to at all! I have stayed on this site during this whole process to see how you all do this traveling nurse career and I have learned so much! So, knowing this, I have found other nurses that have worked in this state and hated it and I have had other agencies tell me that they pulled their contracts because their nurses would never go back to this area. I just hate to think that I will blacklisted from ever working in Corrections again because I declined the position! I did verbally agree to take the position but then e-mailed him my decline of the positioni the next day. Now he is calling me or e-mailing me everyday....
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    Tell your recruiter to take a hike and talk to management at the staffing company and tell them why you won't work for them. Then go and find yourself a different staffing company. If you didn't sign that contract/write in an email you are not bound to go. The recruiter is trying to cover his tail so that he and his company gets paid.
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    Well, here's the deal. Unless there is only one agency or perhaps a vendor manager that has an exclusive with every facility in that state (guessing California?), it is not possible to blacklist you. If it is that agency, do you really want to ever work with them again? Forget about it.

    No signed contract means no contract here. Keep your emails, and if you can later prove that they have somehow blacklisted you, you can sue. Blacklists in general are not legal. Yes, an agency can decline to work with you for any reason, but that is not a blacklist. So can you by the way, and I would assume you will not work with them again. Even if they beg you. Not trustworthy.

    It is unlikely they committed you to a facility before getting a confirmation from you. Not good business as it makes them look really bad to their client. More likely this is just a hard sell pressure tactic with nothing they can or will do to "blacklist" you.

    Jobs are really opening up. I just talked to a rather large agency today about the business climate, and they have 500 travelers working for them. They can't find enough travelers to fill their openings. Life will go on, even if you end up on some agency or facility's do not use list.
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    You didn't sign a legal contract so I wouldn't worry about his idle threats. I don't see that holding up in court. Stay away from that company and report that recruiter.
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    I would immediately go to his boss. He can't threaten you....that's illegal. If you signed no contact you are not bound. It sounds like this place is a real gem amongst correctional facilities.........was this recruiter/scheduler once an alumni of the correctional system because that is the kind of tactics he is utilizing.
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    Do not be bullied into taking an assignment you do not want! If you NEVER SIGNED any document agreeing to this contract, this recruiter is a bully (maybe worse) and by threatening you, he is probably breaking a few laws.
    Is he the only employee of this company? I am sure his superiors will be interested in knowing what this guy/gal is doing. Keep all your emails and let him leave you voice mails so you have a record.
    Beat him at his own game.
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    I agree with the above posters. You didn't sign anything and he can't force you to work there. Just make sure to save any messages as proof of the threatening interaction. I think he is "bluffing" when he says blacklisting you. And if this place has such a bad reputation I'm sure most of your state probably knows about it and other facilities would therefore not listen to this person. Good luck.
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    I think you received the same info from everyone, show about you let us know the recruiter and agency so we can all "blacklist" them!!!! Save us the same nonsense!
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