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Pay Rates

  1. 0 When you search Travel Agencies they have 40-50 dollar range jobs. Are these common pay rates. What would you say an average pay rate for ER/ICU nurse? Which states usually pay better? Looking into traveling but gonna make sure the money is gonna be worth it..
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    I am on a 13 week assignment in NH. Med/Surg/Brain Injury. I am driving to the facility from my home so I am getting the housing stipend in my weekly check. I am making $42/hour 7p-7a.
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    Your housing stipend is fully taxable if you are commuting from home.
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    Would it be reasonable to say that my wife and I would make 30-35 dollar range working ICU and ED. With 4 years experience?
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    I think it is reasonable. But you have to call a few agencies and see what they think is reasonable where you want to go.