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    I am interested in moving to the west coast. We would love to live in a town or city on the ocean however not a resort area...what are your favorite coastal cities on the west coast? My husband and I are into art musuems, bookstores, more or less a more arty atmosphere. Any suggestions?

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    I live outside of Lincoln City on the Oregon coast - touristy what with the casino and outlet mall but also has a lot of bookstores, community theater, music and kite festivals, etc. Great fireworks on the 4th. 2 hours to portland, or. About 8000 to 12000 population - one highschool, one middle school, 2 elementary schools. Head Start. 7 miles of accessible beaches. Lots of weekend homes. Nearest Fred Meyer and Walmart are 25 miles south in Newport which is larger, fishing oriented town. The oregon coast aquarium is there (where Keiko was). Newport has a more permanent population. Lincoln City's is more seasonal. Farther south, Coos Bay is larger yet. I'm sure you can find more info online thru their respective chambers of commerce.

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