Lpn for 4 years, will take Rn boards soon, can I travel nurse right away?

  1. 0 I have been an LPN for four years, I will be taking my RN boards soon...I live upstate NY and I want to move to NYC, how long until I am able to travel nurse?
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    Most hospitals want at least 1 year experience in the speciality you are applying for. Some would count your LPN experience, but you would have to discuss that with your recruiter
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    most people would say at least one year in your specialty area. you will be expected to know what you need to know. there will be no teaching going on.
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    I was a traveler as an LPN when I graduated from RN school. I was told I had to quit traveling for at least a year to get experience as a RN even if I wanted to continue to travel in the same specialty I was already working in as a LPN traveler.

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