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  1. Hello! If there are any nurses living in the LA area and would like to explore the city days off let me know. I'm currently on assignment at Kaiser South Bay in Harbor City and would love to try new fun things like paddleboard on my days off.
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  3. by   Travel_RNER
    I just finished an assignment at South Bay Harbor City in the ER. How do you like it so far?
  4. by   IndygirlRN
    Definitely not a fan of this hospital but I've been told not all Kasiers are like this. I did extend my contract so I guess it hasn't been that bad.
  5. by   Travel_RNER
    It's not so bad if you don't get stuck up front in the curtain rooms. Hated that claustrophobic area. Oh and scheduling sucks!!! Really don't like the guy in charge of scheduling. He is so clueless.

    Good luck with your travels. Didn't do much paddle boarding but redondo beach seemed to have a lot of people go out there.