Cypress Fairbanks assignment

  1. Does anyone know anything about this hospital in Houston, TX? Got an offer there. Seems like a nice small hospital.
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  3. by   nursetaminator
    Don't know anything about the hospital but it's a nice suburb of Houston.
  4. by   shutupandride
    i worked there in the icu for several years and left in2006. small hospital; nice suburban area; not a heavy traffic area; plenty of efficiency places to stay weekly or monthy; close to anything you could need. the hospital itself is pretty low pressure. the docs aren't primadonas. some of the nurses joined a nurses union in 2009 making it the only hospital in texas to have a union in house. texas is a right to work state so non-union nurses work there too.
    don't know if they have computerized charting there or not. no specialized units (neuro, surgical, cv, etc.). they stopped their open heart program in 2008 so no invasive cardiology. it's not a teaching facility. all in all, pretty low stress