Contract Canceled

  1. It was a first for me. My contract was canceled.:angryfire Now I am getting a bill from the travel company for almost $300.00. I didn't get paid travel or for the hours I worked. The travel company did the interview and didn't communicate the questions I had with the hospital. I arrived to a very different job than what I had accepted. I expressed a willingness to work, but indicated that I had mentioned in the interview that I had limited experience in the position they were wanting me to do. They reported that they didn't know I didn't have the experience and didn't want to "train me." I will never accept a position in the future without speaking with the person who will be evaluating my performance.

    I have since accepted another assignment with another company and the hospital is very happy with my performance. They were willing to let me gain some experience with them. I had been waiting till I heard from them again, not wanting to say something I would regret but now I don't think it will make any difference. I was very angry with the whole situation when it occurred and am even more now.:angryfire Any advise will be appreciated.

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  3. by   amy0123
    I heard about this from my recruiter. There are places that can cross train you. For example, if you're a med/surg nurse and were willing to work in the ER, they would cross train you. Strange?

    I'm happy for you that it all worked out.
  4. by   bagladyrn
    Sorry to hear this happened to you! This is why I don't accept a position unless I have spoken to/interviewed the head nurse or other clinical person on the unit I am applying to. I consider the interview as much for me to interview the unit as for them to interview me - they need to "sell me" on coming to their hospital as much as I need to "sell myself" to them.
    Remember too that while your recruiter may be a very nice person, they are primarily a salesperson - just as much as any used car salesman. Their job is dependent on moving the product (you) at maximum profit to the company. Many will not lie (though not all), but may very well present issues in the best light and neglect to tell you negatives if you don't ask.
    Consider also having your next contract altered so that any financial penalties for early cancellation of the contract only apply if cancellation is at the instigation of or through misconduct on the part of the traveler (not census changes at the hospital, etc.)
  5. by   suzanne4
    You are quite lucky that it was only $300. It actually could have been for three months of housing if they were paying for an apt for you.

    This is a reason why one should always internview with the manager of the unit that they are being hired for. Too many middlemen and things can turn out ugly.

    Best of luck to you.