Companies that Staff Strikes

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    **NOTE** This thread is NOT to debate strikes and "scabs" (there are other threads just for that purpose) it is only to answer the question, "What companies staff strikes?"

    I was just reading the "Scabs" thread and noticed this statement:

    Quote from caroladybelle
    I am antiunion, anti scab and will not work for any agency that actively staffs strikes...
    I have seen this on other threads discussing striking/scabs as well. How do you know what travel companies staff strikes? Anyone have a list?
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    Fastaff; I work for them. Also, when they are anticipating a strike, they will pay for your nursing license in those pre-strike states.
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    Seems to me you are trying to either understand this Nurse's statement or asking which companies can you work strikes. I'm not sure off your question.
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    Go to The companies that staff strikes are listed there.