Banner Health Travel Nurse Position

  1. Hi everyone. I am currently a travel nurse on assignment in Seattle, WA. I am looking into traveling to AZ for the winter and recently I talked to a recruiter from Banner Health. I was curious has anyone ever worked for Banner Health's travel agency and if so how was it any info is appreciated thanks
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  3. by   yukka99
    I've never dealt with their travel staffing but I've done some clinicals at Desert Banner in Mesa. Great older hospital. Their charting system Cerner is super easy to learn and navigate. I believe several of the Banner facilities in Arizona are Magnet certified and are great places to work at.
  4. by   melissa8321
    Awesome! Thanks for the info!!! That's good to hear plus I have a pretty extensive Cerner backround so that makes everything way easier
  5. by   cosmicmama
    I did an assignment at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix earlier this year. I didn't go through their in-house traveler program, but some of my fellow travelers did and they all seemed pretty happy.