Baltimore, MD anyone?

  1. I am presently on my second assignment but first away from home. Any traveveler in the Baltimore area?
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  3. by   housemomma
    yes ............. wife and I are currently in Baltimore. She is working at Johns Hopkins Bayview
  4. by   caroladybelle
    I have been to that area.
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  5. by   Beneficence
    How is it? heard high crime area...
  6. by   moonrose2u
    I am interested in Johns does your wife like it??
  7. by   aberrn
    I worked at UMMC as a traveler.Lots of places to go and see,day trips to cute little coastal towns.Not far from Philly.Whats your specialty? I did adult ER.Busy..Large homeless/heroin addict population.
  8. by   sexyaqr
    I am at Johns Hopkins. Very acute patients. I do open heart ICU. But if you like those kinds of patients you will love it.
  9. by   mrupp3
    Where would suggest I live? and avoid in MD for johns hopkins?