What is it like working for Baylor as RN?

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    do they tend to hire ASN or BSN?
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    They hire both, but not in every specialty and not at every hospital. Generally speaking they prefer to hire BSN.
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    If pay is a concern for you, Baylor also tends to be the absolute lowest-paying major hospital system in the North Texas region. If I am not mistaken, they are still starting new grads off at less than $22 per hour. However, their wonderful benefits package might make up for the low wages that they offer.
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    The new BSN grads start over $22.00/hr with consistent raises for 18 months through the internship.

    There are only a few ASN people that were hired...and it seemed that they were previously teching at the hospitals owned by Baylor.
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    How hard is it to get into this program and do they hire with less than a year experience or is it more like the Versant program? Thank you.