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What is early admission at UTMB?

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    I am finishing up my prerequisite now. I have heard about the early admission at UTMB. But I am not sure what it is. Does it mean the school admit certain applicants earlier than their official date for admission? Can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks!
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    I actually have not heard of that.. but that would be great! Where did you hear it from? Maybe you could contact the school and see what they tell or recommend you.
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    I also heard this. I'm part of the fall 2012 group and another girl who was accepted said she got early/automatic acceptance. I think it's based on your GPA and/or teas scores being over a certain point that they automatic accept you. Don't know too much about it cause I wasn't one of them! Haha but it does exist!
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    I was accepted as an early admit for Spring 2013. I believe (like in the earlier post) that certain applicants are flagged by their GPA and TEAS score. I think the only main difference is an automatic acceptance without having to do an interview. Hope this helped!