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West Coast University Dallas experiences.

  1. 0 Ive completed my prerequisites for nursing and Im tired of waiting for UTA. I am considering applying for WCU. Has any one attended this school or have any opinionsabout WCU?
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    I am currently attending WCU Dallas and will be graduating in August.
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    WOW-ZA, their tuition is $137,000 !!! That's a house ! I would seriously wait and consider other options. Even Baylor & TCU are a LOT cheaper. And UTA & TWU are amazing deals in my opinion for a BSN.
    But if you got the $$$, then more power to ya.
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    I've read of people saying in other threads that with prerequisites done it costs about $64k, which is the same price at Baylor University and UTA is not that much cheaper. The only bargain is TWU that costs about $16k just for the nursing program alone. I have been considering WCU too but I'm definitely getting my prerequisites done at collin college. I could deal with a $50k loan, but not a $100k one.