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UTHSCSA Fall 2011 Waitlisters

  1. 0 Still keeping my head up. Have Wayland Baptist as an option, but not too sure I want to take those two religion classes as that computer competency class..

    Just starting this thread for anyone that applied for UTHSCSA Fall 2011 and got waitlisted. We could use this forum to help support each other!!

    I hope that all of us get offered slots for this fall, here or somewhere else!!!

    Post your updates here!
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    Hi I got waitlisted as well for the Fall 2011 class, but I still have hope. I also have Wayland Baptist as a back up, I have already been accepted to that school, but of course they are more expensive because they are a private school, but hopefully we both end up getting accepted to UTHSCSA. I have a pretty good feeling about it, but I will definitely keep you posted! Good Luck!
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    Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that those who have received a letter of admittance are expected to accept or decline the offer by the 19th. After that I think they will be contacting the wait listers! Just thought I'd let yall know!
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Yes, thats very helpful to know! I really hope that enough people reject UTHSCSA so we can get in!!
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    @Nicole, did you ever get a letter in the mail stating you were an alternate. I got the one via email, but apparently they tried to send me the real letter and it got sent back to them. So I had they called me today to get an updated address..
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    Yes I received the letter about one or two weeks ago.
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    Did it say where you were on the waitlist or when you would hear something?
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    No it didn't say where I was on the list or when I would hear anything, it basically said the same thing that was in the email
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    I think we should start hearing something by the 25th. From what I understand the first batch of accepted have to accept/decline their seats by tomorrow.. Lets all pray for the best!!
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    I am praying for the best also. I am in the Air Force and only applied to this school this yr because of all the prereqs for Wayland. Has anyone ever applied here before?
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    I hope for good news all around. This has been so stressful.
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    @Veronica, did you do NECP? I am also air force and applied for NECP. But I also applied at WAyland too. They have me needing 5 classes, but I got them to agree to let me take two of them (the old testament and new testament) during the break in the fall. So if all else fails, I have wayland. They said for those in the AF, they would try to let us know something by the 20th.. so maybe by wednesday or thursday we might have some good news!