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Hi, I am new to allnurses.com and i wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants at UTHSC Houston. Where we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the HESI but i wonder if anyone... Read More

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    My post keep messing up and it takes so long to edit. Sorry for any mistakes.

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    I could not stand it anymore so I just called up to the SON. And it's true! 700 applicants. 150 spots! So much better than 1200 aps with 80 spots. Whoo hoo! Who the heck knows. She said we could be notified sooner than Nov 15th but maybe not as well. She wouldn't budge on that part!
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    The lady i talked to said for sure you won't hear back until mid November. I guess the only thing to do is make sure you're up to date on vaccinations and such. Some are two series (varicella) and some are 3 series so its probably a good idea to get them out of the way. Anyone know about the scratch test? Like how recent it has to be from for tb?
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    This is great news! Im glad people called the school, I almost did myself just for confirmation lol but I got it now! Thank you all for sharing...I did the math...haha...we need to be in the top 20% to make that 150/700. That is a WAYYY better chance then what they use to take which was less than the top 9%.

    I hope we all make it!!
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    Quote from doreendoyin
    Question. My eval states something about the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). I thought B.S holders were exempt. Did anyone else receive this notice on their eval?
    BS holders are exempt from this. A call should do the trick.
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    Seems they give different info out. I was at a UTHSC info session in June and have since spoke to a few counselors on the phone and the numbers I was given were ~3.25 pre-req gpa and 85% on HESI with 800 critical thinking score to be competitive. So who really knows!!
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    I am sure that is accurate....the 3.0 GPA and 75% are minimum to even apply....it is expected the averages of those accepted will be quite a bit higher than the minimum allowed. At the info session I attended I was told average acceptance scores were about a 3.8 GPA and high 80's to low 90's on HESI. I never asked about the CT thinking score....I had no idea what that section even was when I took it...ha! So I am glad I made an 850 and made a little above the minimum!
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    I was just accepted into UTMB but am holding out for UTHSC.
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    Quote from doreendoyin
    I was just accepted into UTMB but am holding out for UTHSC.
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    Yeah who knows what to expect. And congrats!

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