UTH ACNP Admission Requirements

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    Hi all,

    I recently relocated to Houston, TX from Miami, FL. I've been a nurse for 4 years, mainly cardiac. I graduated Cum Laudw with my BSN and prior to moving I was in an NP program in Florida (current GPA 3.5). I am 4 semesters away from graduating but cannot complete the program from here. So now Im looking into UTH ACNP program. I see the admission for Acute Care requires 1 year critical care experience. How strict are they on this requirement. I have about 3-11 months of ICU step down experience (depending if they count my 8 months on a telemetry floor that handled post CABG pts and titrated Amio, cardizem and dobutamine drips plus 3 months on a true step down unit). By the time for the application deadline in March 2014, I would have 6 months of "true" step down experience.

    Can anyone advise me on the flexibility of the 1 year critical care requirement? Do they even count Step down as critical care over here?


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