UTA HESI entrance exam/academic partnership program

  1. I just took my HESI today for UTA ACADEMIC PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. I scored overall 318 and got an 85 On the math section. My gpa is 3.4 not including INTRO to Rn and pharmacology and pathophysiology because I am taking those fall and spring. I am expecting a 3.6 gpa once those three or complete. What's the chances of me getting in with a 3.4-3.6 gpa with a score of 318 on my HESI exam? Thanks! Ps. Does anyone know who is in the program already and what their gpa an scores were??
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  3. by   thomasphan
    I know someone got rejected for Fall with 3.7 but then got a call to go to clinicals in San Antonio. Hope this will help you.