Tyler Junior College 2013 Summer Program

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    Just wanted spread the word on TJC's Summer 2013 LVN-RN transition program since I haven't seen a lot of post on it . I recently received my acceptance letter and wanted to know if anyone else on here did also. Good luck to the rest of you out there working towards a nursing degree!!!

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    I'm applying this June to start in the fall at the J'ville campus transitional program. I'm so nervous about applying. I was wondering how many points did you have in order to get accepted if you don't mind me asking?
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    I believe I had 89-90 pts and got a accepted . I haven't taken Micro yet(fall). I would definitely say do your best on hesi ( 90 overall on mine) . I've been accepted too both the LVN and transition program and I think they mainly look at hesi. Also , the other pre- reqs are mainly A's and B's. Good luck and don't stress like I did about getting in. everyone told me it was hard I'm the only one out of four coworkers that got accepted.
    intro to A&P : A
    A&P 2:C
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    I applied for the fall Jville program also. Have you received anything yet?

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