Tvcc nursing 2013

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    Looking to see who all is going to apply to Tvcc 2013?

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    I will be applying. I'm anxious to see how many people have 21 points?
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    Me too! Do You Know how many you will have yet?
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    I'm shooting for 15. I just hope that's enough, I've been reading other schools in the area since TVCC students are quiet about the new point system. A number of students who are returning to school have a lot of the new points awarded. Since I'm just starting on the BSN courses, I hope I have enough classes complete. How about you? How is your journey?
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    I'm going to be applying!!! I'm so excited!
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    I applied with 17 points.
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    Today is the last day for applications to be submitted, now the waiting begins....
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    I applied also...I'm curious to see what the cut off number will be!
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    How many points do yall have?
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    I have 15 points.

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