Tvcc nursing 2013

  1. Looking to see who all is going to apply to Tvcc 2013?
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  3. by   lth1123
    I will be applying. I'm anxious to see how many people have 21 points?
  4. by   monica83
    Me too! Do You Know how many you will have yet?
  5. by   lth1123
    I'm shooting for 15. I just hope that's enough, I've been reading other schools in the area since TVCC students are quiet about the new point system. A number of students who are returning to school have a lot of the new points awarded. Since I'm just starting on the BSN courses, I hope I have enough classes complete. How about you? How is your journey?
  6. by   smason09
    I'm going to be applying!!! I'm so excited!
  7. by   trs7707
    I applied with 17 points.
  8. by   lth1123
    Today is the last day for applications to be submitted, now the waiting begins....
  9. by   2bAgr8RN
    I applied also...I'm curious to see what the cut off number will be!
  10. by   trs7707
    How many points do yall have?
  11. by   lth1123
    I have 15 points.
  12. by   2bAgr8RN
    I applied with 18pts...I hope it's enough!!
  13. by   trs7707
    I hope 17 points is enough...when will we find out?
  14. by   lth1123
    Late March. So long to worry! ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
    Quote from trs7707
    I hope 17 points is enough...when will we find out?