Transition program to RN NCTC Gainsville

  1. Anyone successfully complete the RN after transitioning? I want to attend NCTC but want to know about the success rate before I waste my time/money. I am suppose to start the LVN program but my goal is RN then later BSN. I have heard many horror stories about my local college (45 miles away from gainsville) and their transition RN program that I am willing to drive the distance instead of going to that school. Please let me know if you have graduated LVN to RN or if you know of anyone who has at NCTC. Do you know the passing rate of the program? Thanks so much
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  3. by   touchick156
    I'm going to nctc right now. I've heard nothing but good. You can always look on the website for their passing rate. I think the Lvn passing rate is 99-100%. I just got accepted in the LVN program and after I'm probably gonna bridge to rn a nctc.
  4. by   textucker
    Thank so much for your reply. You going to the Gainsville campus?
  5. by   touchick156
    Yes indeed.
  6. by   littlewillow88
    Hey how did your program go.