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I'm totally new to this and I am amazed at all the information this web site provides! Is anyone else on here going to be applying for the TTU Traditional Nursing Program for the Fall 2012 semester?... Read More

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    @ hopeful_st
    I am completing my current degree in December and I want to focus on it for now, I have decided not to double major - that will be more stressing. I could even get into the accelerated bsn next year after finishing my bachelors and spend one year at nursing school or come into the traditional bsn - either ways.
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    Oh okay that sounds like a good plan. Good luck!
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    I just found this website! I've been accepted to Odessa's campus for Fall 2012!!
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    kknud, hey I've been accepted to Odessa's campus for this fall too! Shoot me an email at codyjsliger@yahoo.com!
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    Did anyone do a separate first aid course? Or was it part of your BLS course? I know first aid from a course I took a couple of years ago, plus we sort of talked about it in my CPR class. I e-mailed the coordinator about the requirement, as I recently discovered this, and she said it was sometimes covered in the BLS course... I dunno if what I have already been though is acceptable. What do y'all think?P.S. Less than a week to orientation, eeek! Can't wait too meet everyone
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