Texas Tech- EL PASO

  1. 0 I'm looking to apply to the second degree program at Texas Tech in El Paso. Has anybody heard how competitive it is? I'm especially looking for average GPA, average TEAS, etc. Is there an important extracurricular activity I should participate in? The website says they look at the applicant as a whole, including extracurriculars.
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    I am interested in the same program as well. Have you found any info?
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    No, not at all I hope as the application open in the next month-ish, more people will start talking. I have tried calling them but they never answer.
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    I was emailed this information from the advisor at the school. It's not much help.. But his contact email address is on the link if you have any questions e mail him! What other accelerated programs are you looking at?
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    Thanks! I couldn't access the link, though. I am only looking at this program and the second degree at UTEP. My husband is a medical student in El Paso so I can't just up and walk away to a different program

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